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Neonatal COVID-19 Literature Evaluated and Aggregated in Real-time (NEOCLEAR) is a project led by Clyde Wright, and Meg Kirkley, neonatologists from the University of Colorado, Denver, CO. It is a collection of articles that can be sorted by topic, publication date, and publication type. Hyperlinks are provided and the workgroup has provided a brief “key points” column. Topic champions from this Section are committing to staying abreast in the following areas, to serve as a resource for you:

  • Transmission (with a focus on vertical / perinatal / neonatal transmission): Rob Dietz and Susan Niermeyer
  • Clinical Features of Neonatal Infection: Clyde Wright & Meg Kirkley
  • Diagnosis and Treatment: Laurie Sherlock & Steph Bourque
  • NICU-specific practices and policies: Steph Chassen & Sadie Houin
  • Consensus Statements (reviews & guidelines from medical governing bodies): Erica Mandell & Susan Hwang

The Topic Champions will continually update this article collection. We hope this resource will be useful for those of you on clinical service and/or medical directors who are caring for patients, managing leadership responsibilities and fielding questions about best practices.