NANN and NPA: Shared decision-making with families

Shared decision-making infographic

UC Davis infographic

This infographic depicts an approach to infants born to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 mothers at UC Davis Children’s Hospital as of March 30, 2020. This approach includes shared decision-making with parents to include an aggressive isolation option that prioritizes decreasing the risk of transmission, and a less aggressive option that prioritizes bonding. Extensive discussion with parents during a prenatal consult or just before delivery is crucial in making an informed decision. Guidelines for COVID-19 management are rapidly changing based on new evidence. Please refer to websites from CDC and WHO on this website for up to date information. Copyright SatyanLakshminrusimha, MD UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Sacramento USA.

Milk expression, storage and handling infographic

Family to family transmission in Wuhan

Family visits relatives in Wuhan and gets infected