Healthcare Workers


New: Healthcare workers deserve better protection

Attacks against health-care personnel must stop

AMA. How doctors can keep their families safe

CDC recommendations

PPE and Masks

Aerosol box designed by Dr. Lai and article in Taiwanese News

Aerosol box simulation: Canelli et al. Barrier enclosure for intubation

Aerosol box simulation: Canelli et al. Letters

Aerosol box – false sense of security?

Bartoszko et al. Medical masks vs N95 respirators for preventing covid-19

Cook 2020. Review of PPE

Dau et al, 2020. Why N95 should be standard for all covid-19 inpatient care

ECRI 2020. Extended use and reuse of N95 respirators

JAMA – PPE Conservation ideas

Klompas et al, 2020. Universal masking in hospitals

Leung et al, 2020. Respiratory virus shedding and face masks

Livingston et al, 2020. Sourcing personal protective equipment

Make a face shield at home – text

Make a face shield at home – video

DIY face shield – video

Management of Exposure

WHO guidance on management of exposure and risk assessment

Infection in healthcare workers

New: Bal et al, 2020. Covid-19 in healthcare workers – clinical, microbiologic

Cheng et al, 2020. Editorial

Chou et al, 2020. Coronavirus infection in healthcare workers

Kluytmans-van den Bergh et al, 2020. Dutch healthcare workers with covid

Lai et al, 2020 Covid-19 infection in healthcare workers in Wuhan

New: Shah et al, 2020. Risk of hospital admission in healthcare workers

New: Shah et al, 2020. Editorial

Mental Wellbing

Adams and Walls, 2020. Supporting healthcare workforce

Dewey et al, 2020. Supporting clinicians during the pandemic

Greenberg et al, 2020. Managing mental health challenges during pandemic

Lai et al, 2020. Mental health outcomes in covid-19 exposed healthcare workers

Lai et al, 2020. Editorial – exercising heart and head

New: Marchalik 2020. Addressing burnout in health professionals

Morganstein 2020. Managing the stress of covid-19

Rosenberg 2020. Cultivating deliberate resilience

Schwartz et al, 2020. Postpandemic clinician mental health

Shanafelt et al, 2020. Sources of anxiety during pandemic

Teoh and Kinman, 2020. Mental well-being during covid-19 pandemic

Clinicians at High-Risk

Buerhaus et al, 2020. Older clinicians and covid-19

RANZCOG statement on pregnant healthcare workers

Communication and Covid-19

Covid communication tips

Flint & Kotwal, 2020. Serious illness communication over video and phone

Holstead 2020. Discussing serious news remotely