This website is a free repository of information on SARS-CoV-2 virus infection for neonatology clinicians all over the world. It’s meant to help you manage patients, and to personally stay healthy and avoid catching the infection. Please provide suggestions about useful content to include here. To avoid information overload (a particular problem during the Covid-19 pandemic), only a small number of useful resources will be provided here.

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This website will be updated periodically, so please check frequently for new material. Updates from NEOCLEAR (a database of articles maintained by faculty from the University of Colorado) are provided below:

NEOCLEAR database of articles

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Airborne transmission

There is debate about whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus is transmitted by aerosols in addition to droplets. Current understanding of the exact methods of transmission of this virus is still limited. However, while aerosol-based transmission cannot be completely ruled out, the balance of available evidence suggests that it is not the dominant mode of transmission. Klompas… Read More Airborne transmission

The Parallel Pandemic

A major impact of the covid-19 pandemic has been on healthcare workers whose physical health has been threatened by the risk of getting infected with the virus, and whose mental health has been threatened by anxiety about their own health, the risk of them spreading infection to their loved ones and to patients, worry about… Read More The Parallel Pandemic